Hi! Newbie to BJD and I has a question or two! :3

So, my sassy, adorable Aubrey is a 27cm Obitsu female SBH L bust (and the L part was an accident, but in the end it didn't matter, because Aubrey LIKES that fact >.>)....but I'm having a heck of a time finding clothes for her, mainly tops. I don't want to get anything online unless I know it'll cover her upper half (not that Aubrey minds showing off a little...but her mommy wants her to at least have some options for those moments she needs to be a bit more covered up). If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!

I also have her brother, Oliver, who is a 27cm Obitsu male slim. Still working on his attire too...though, thankfully, he seems to fit some of my old Barbie (yes, Barbie) pants at least for now. Which is okay, because he's not a total manly man anyway. XD

I also still have to do both of their faceups, which is terrifying me just thinking about it. >.<

27CM Nano Gretel

Hey everyone~
I'm Vriskers.
I'm joining for a very sad occasion.
I need to part ways with my Nano Gretel 27CM Obitsu, Layne :C
I've had her for under a year now, and she has the medium soft bust body that only has two torso pieces. 
She has no staining or yellowing, and her face-up will be cleaned off when she is shipped.
I am also willing to do a custom face-up (provided it's not too intricate- keep in mind how small my canvas will be). 
She also comes with two (possibly three) outfits, a pair of shoes, beautiful blue eyes and (I think) a wig. (Stupid boyfriend misplaced it, but I'm looking for it!)

Sadly enough, I'm rehoming her because we just don't connect anymore, and I want to give her a home where she will receive more attention than she is currently getting. :C
She's a very sweet girl, and I hate to see her go, but it's for the best.

Please pop an e-mail to ectobiologicalbabysitter@gmail.com for more information, pictures and prices!
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Two issues.

Okay, first issue. I need to make a dress for my obitsu, but I have no idea how. Are there any tutorials? Because I cannot find any.

Second issue. I need to find a male obitsu doll to make it look like N from Pokemon, but I want him to look as anime-like as possible to match my Touko doll I made.

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obitsu 25cm

i new to obitsulovers and BJD on the hole so hello =]
and heres my question, im going to be getting a female 25cm Obitsu with M soft bust and i don't know what sort of head to get i want it to be in good proportion and some sites say a 23cm head would be good, but im not sure plus im on a budget. im planning to do the face up my self so it has to relatively cheap- any ideas for a beginner?
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Looking for dolls

Hello everyone!

If anyone has a Joshua for sale, please PM me. Even if it's just the head.

I'd prefer for it to have a face-up. If it has a stock face-up, I prefer face-up B.

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Straightening Rooted Hair

I'm new here :) Nice to meet you all!

I have a couple of 1/6 Obitsu dolls and I finally finished rooting the head of the male doll... the only problem is that although the hair I used is very good quality, it got all curled up weird ways along the way (took me a couple of years to finish the rooting, life got in the way ahah).

So, anyone tried to straighten doll hair with the hot boiling water method?
I think it's the most suitable one, but I'm afraid to burn the hair and end up having all my precious rooting curled up in burned fizzles...

I've read several tutorials: some just let the hot water run over the head of the doll, some cover the hair with plastic wrap before using the hot water, etc... I guess I can't pick which way to go ^_^"

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So, I hope you can help me :) and thanks in advance!

Sanding Obitsu Body

Hi everyone,
I need your help. I want to remove the "plastic" shine from my obitsu body, so I've found some sanding tutorial to make the body looks matte/shine-less. But I need to know what type of sanding paper that can be used for this? I don't want to damage my obitsu because of wrong sanding paper type.

Sorry for my bad English, if anyone know please reply. Thanks! :)

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Hair restoring help

I was wondering if anyone knew how to restore or deal with frizzy doll hair. 
Hair iron seems to have damaged the doll hair ("just" the bangs). It doesn't seem melted, but it's definitely very frizzy. And shampoo + conditioner didn't help.
Is there any product or method that can help restore it, without resorting to wig or rerooting?
Have you had to deal with this kind of issue and if yes how were you able to solve it?
Many thanks for any advice you can provide!
Evelien Starbucks

Meet my little Obitsu Nano Haruka: Eiki

Okay, the cute Obitsu Nano Haruka head I've had lying around finally got:
- a body (it was sold to me as a 23cm but it's a 25cm but I don't mind, it's perfect for her)
- a pair of 8mm light blue eyes
- a bit of hair (I've started rooting her with ash blonde saran hair)
- a name: Eiki (pronounced Ay-kee)
- an identity: I wanted her to be a faerie, but she turned out to be a sexy diva instead... oh well!
- a crappy faceup by me haha!

I received my very first can of MSC yesterday and even though it had been raining, I couldn't wait to finally do my very first faceup. I'm pretty sure the humid air had something to do with the MSC turning flakey (I don't know a better English word) and white-ish. I actually don't care at all because you don't see it that clearly IRL and I love her to bits anyway, but it kinda sucks that it does show up on closeups :(

I started out with pastels (I can't work with those at ALL - the powder went all over the place except where I wanted it to be) and watercolour pencils (not my kind of thing either) but after an hour of major failure I decided to use acrylic paints. The result is a rather 'harsh' type of faceup, but I don't think the black mascara is too much. I kinda like it. It's not the look I had in mind, but it's a keeper! I guess it's not very artistically great, lol, but I like it for my first-timer and that's what matters right? :)

So, ladies and gentlemen, here's my sexy sweet Eiki :)

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