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Obitsu Lovers

The community for fans of Obitsu 60cm BJDs

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About the community:
This community is for fans of the Obitsu 60cm ball-jointed dolls, produced by Azone of Japan. Whilst discussion of all BJDs is welcomed here, including the smaller 27cm dollfies, the primary focus will be upon the larger 60cm dolls, particularly their customisation. Discussion of hybrids (Obitsu heads on other bodies, other heads on the Obitsu 60 body etc) is also welcome!

All members are encouraged to post pictures of their Obitsu and Obitsu hybrids, especially face-ups; however please ensure such images are clear and well-focussed - it can be very frustrating trying to pick out details of a face-up from a blurry webcam shot. Please make sure that if your images are more than 600 pixels wide that you put them behind a cut-tag so as not to break people's friends view. You should also cut-tag if you are posting more than one image - please remember not everyone has broadband! :-) Please also refrain from using coloured text or unusual font sizes, as these may not show up properly on members' friends pages. (See FAQ #75: How do I hide part of my entry behind a link? What is an lj-cut?)

Face-up and customisation tutorials are particularly encouraged; too often I've seen people put off these wonderful dolls thanks to an amateurish face-up, and part of the reason this community was started was to raise the standard of face-ups on these very versatile dolls as well as raise awareness of the doll as being more than just a cheaper alternative to the more costly resin BJDs.

Constructive criticism of each other's dolls is welcomed; however bashing of each other's efforts and personal attacks are not. Please do not post comments such as "OMG yur face-up is so crap!!!" - try and find a constructive way to suggest improvements. And whilst we're on the subject, please don't use text-speak or AOLisms in your posts; it's hard to offer advice on your queries if we can't read them!

About the maintainer:
This community is maintained by arkady, who owns four large Obitsu dolls - Seraphina and her younger sister Ayame who are both standard open-eye head Obitsu 60s; Taliesin, a customised Obitsu 60 boy with optional male torso and Haruka head, and Nimue, an Obitsu Gretel with customised elf ears. She also maintains a separate doll LJ at arkadiandreams, and examples of her doll work can be seen on her doll website.

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